Core Support

Automated maintenance consists of cleaning out temporary windows files, temporary internet files, defragging the registry and defragging hard drive(s). This will ensure that your computer stays at an optimum performance level.


S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) checks are done constantly to predict a hard drive failure which allows Virtual IT Support to replace the hard drive before any data loss takes place.


The remote agent allows Virtual IT Support to manage windows updates and to setup monitors for CPU, Memory and Hard Drive usage. If one of these monitors reaches a predefined threshold it will trigger an alarm and contact Virtual IT Support so that we can then take the necessary action.


We can monitor your CPU, Motherboard and hard drive temperatures. With this we can set the desired temperature range. Once any temperature goes over the predefined threshold Virtual IT Support will be notified and then we can take the necessary action.


We will install a remote agent on the computer/laptop which will give Virtual IT Support remote access when needed. The end user will need to allow the remote connection or we wont be able to remote onto your system. This security feature protects both Virtual IT Support and Clients.