About Us

Virtual IT Support was founded in 2011. We are a Managed Service Provider based in Cape Town. We aim to give excellent services and specializing in Remote Desktop Support, Onsite IT Support, Cloud Backup Services, Virtualization, Hosting (Websites, VPS and Dedicated Servers), System Upgrades, Device Configuration (Printers, Routers, Access Points,  Hardware Firewalls, Wireless Networks), Computer Maintenance and Malware/Spyware,Virus removal.

Virtual IT Support`s objective is to provide ongoing IT support to small businesses that cannot afford to employ a permanent IT professional. With this in mind we have constructed a support package that`s both attractive and cost efficient to all small businesses. We can offer you a discreet, efficient service with the right expertise, where your confidentiality is maintained and protected without the stress of employment contracts and their attendant costs. Our support team is fully qualified to handle any IT problem.